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Concern Cards will let you express regard - or, rather disregard for someone. As Greeting Cards these are a little useless and sending them to people might even be considered tasteless but people have all sorts of ill-founded opinions and what do they know, really? Now, I could jibber-jabber through a list of reasons not to send a wrongcard to anybody but you have probably stopped reading this by now. Why do I do this? What was I ever thinking? This is the stupidest start-up idea anyone ever had - and makes my Theme Park for Sheep idea seem brazenly lucrative. I'm wasting my potential. Sub-categories of our Concern Cards include: reminder cards, 'cheer up' cards, sympathy cards, family cards, 'thank you' cards, 'thinking of you' cards, 'get well' cards, 'missing you' cards and, of course, the undeniably unsuitable apology cards.