Ecards that are wrong for every occasion.

The cards are free to send. Unfortunately, they are unhelpful at best.

Sympathy Cards Ecard with text: Funeral homes don't want you to know about the extremely inexpensive hyenas at the zoo option.

I never argue with people unless I think they're wrong about something. But I generally feel that any action which may result in having to dig six-foot holes in the backyard at 2am isn't ultimately worth it. Anyway, I made you all this apology card. This is the part where you feel grateful. Oh stop it, it's nothing.

Category: Apology
Apology Ecard with text: I am sorry we had a difference of opinion based upon my views being well-researched and nuanced.

You know what bugs me? Being told I have pathological problems with authority. I just don't see it, man. And besides, why I should be subjected to psycho-babble just because I rightly understand that if I don't terrorize a middle-manager every day the entire world will fall into a thousand years of darkness, with pestilence and giant clowns? I'm a bit disappointed in psychiatry, too, obviously.

Category: Workplace
Workplace Ecard with text: I have no particular opinion about the overall worth of middle-management. And a picture of a hanging man in silhouette.

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