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Workplace Ecard with text: At least 45 percent of my unwritten job description is the concealment of exasperation.

job description

about this card: job description | In the workplace I’m quiet and keep to myself unless I’m engaged in workplace activism like organizing lunchtime hunger-strikes for a Free Tibet or for Free Bagels, or petitioning for departmental cage fights. I got the janitors to go on strike. That’s right, they’re not taking any more rubbish. Just a little joke. Sometimes I’m not very serious.
The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Jewish Ecard with text: 'Happy Rosh Hashanah Day. Even though I have a different religion from you I once tried a plate of Rosh Hashanah in an Indian restuarant and though it was very spicy I'd have it again. Tolerance means being open to everything.'
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Jewish Ecard with text: I think Jesus will forgive you for being Jewish. Some of his best friends were Jewish.
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Dark Humor Ecard with text: Nothing brings forth the thrill of the hunt quite like opening the door to Jehovah's Witnesses.
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Workplace Ecard with text: Well I am glad that they hired you. Even if it was only to prove that they are an equal opportunities employer.
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