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WTF Ecard with text: i have found that drunkenness makes me more charming, witty, and generally more awesome to members of the opposite sex.

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St Patricks's Day Ecard with text: I am only going to put on green socks and drink alcoholic beverages because it would make a dead religious fanatic from the 5th Century very happy.
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St Patricks's Day Ecard with text: Every St Patricks Day I pretend to be Irish by dressing in green, getting really drunk and joining the IRA. It's always so embarrassing looking at the photos the next day.
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Flirting and Pick Up Lines Ecard with text: how much alcohol would I be required to buy you so I might clumsily paw at your body without you objecting much?
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Workplace Ecard with text: Another busy week spent undermining the strategic interests of the company via acts of corporate sabotage and subversion. Dude we totally deserve to get drunk.
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WTF Ecard with text: when i was a kid, captain planet used to come over to my house and teach me about recycling ordinary house hold items that most people discard after just one use. captain planet usually spelt of whiskey.
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