Free ecards that are wrong for every occasion.
Thank You Cards Ecard with text: thanks. so this is what gratitude feels like. huh.

so this is gratitude

The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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somewhat related wrongcards

Family Ecard with text: Thank you for turning me into one of those mysterious people who never talk about their families.
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Happy Thanksgiving Ecard with text: This Thanksgiving I plan on being thankful for my ancestor's genetic resistance to small pox.
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Valentines Ecard with text: 'Happy Valentines Day. I know you feel grateful right now. But I guess I dont really know just how grateful you feel... Note: proofs of gratitude can involve two or more of your better-looking friends and a jar of maple syrup.'
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Thank You Cards Ecard with text: Thank you for doing that thing for me that I probably won't remember when it's your turn to need a favor because I'll be too busy being utterly awesome.
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