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In Laws

In Laws. Cards for your Mother in Law? What could possibly go wrong?

Sweetie, I LOVE your parents, you know I do… If you’ve heard these words then you’re living with a god-damned liar. And that’s fine. I believe that nobody should love their spouse’s parents - it’s creepy. Oh of course you meet these people who say they don’t want to kill their in-laws and sometimes I even believe them, in which case I like to to refer them to a mental health specialist in Switzerland. Who was it that said that the only reason you should be nice to your in-laws is so that you can be above suspicion when you murder them? Oh that’s right, it was me.

In Laws Ecard with text: I'm sorry I don't want your family to visit but if I wanted to be disrespected under my own roof I would just hire a dominatrix.
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about this card: disrespected | The holidays are almost upon us. And you know who, apart from Santa and serial killers, are going around visiting people? In-laws. In-laws are a practical joke that fate likes to play on married people, which is why I decided to create a new category of cards about them. If you're expecting the Unspeakables this year, this first in-law card is for you. Happy holidays you crazy cats...