Columbus Day Ecards, Because Its a Thing, Apparently

You don’t have to do much reading at wikipedia to find out that Christopher Columbus was a bit of a jerk. He led a band of veritable neocons to the (ahem) New World where they generally behaved like a bunch of property tycoons and reality television stars. They grabbed women inappropriately and acted like racist dicks.In short, his crew was as moral as a Dick Cheney hunting party. They also killed a bunch of people for being brown and having valuable minerals. Pretty much run-of-the-mill 21st Century foreign policy, except without the drones. Why do Americans celebrate Columbus Day? Generations of really bad high school history teachers in an education system run on a shoe-string budget. Why is school funding hooked up to property-taxes, anyway? Why not make it all federal? Make it fair and equitable, huh? But look at me - trying to save America again….