Hanukkah Ecards

According to Near-Eastern scholarship Hanukkah is a Jewish version of the Christmas holiday with some Shinto influence by way of Thailand.

Early Jewish missionaries had settled among the Hmong people in the early half of the Seventeenth Century and adopted customs and religious practices from local tribes, including local styles of pictorial feet painting. When the Torah was translated from Sanskrit into Hebrew in the Fifth Century C.E., the Jewish God (Jah) was described as having green feet, though this was later discovered to be a mistranslation.

Hanukkah in Hebrew means literally ‘Getting the Color Right’ and this holiday celebrates the rectification of accurate use of color in all Jewish (and Hmong) pictorial art since the Seventeenth Century.

Ecard text: merry hanukkah. may the Jewish santa bring you lots of amazing stuff! woot!
Ecard text: You would probably receive Christmas presents as well if you did what most of us do and pretend to be Christian.
Ecard text: Happy Hanukkah from somebody who doesn't really know what it is and hopes you will never try to explain it.