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Ecard text: Happy Mothers Day Few Mothers have done more for their progeny than you. Excepting those who died in childbirth of course. I mean, we have to give credit where credit is due. Those Mothers make your maternal sacrifices seem trivial.
Ecard text: these pretty flowers had their stalks snapped just as they budded so people could feel good about themselves. It seems pretty morbid and deranged to me, but old women like this stuff so here you are, Happy Mothers Day Blah Blah.
Ecard text: i'm too old to be breast-fed, ma!
Ecard text: happy mother's day, ma - as always i promise to reform and be good from now on. ha - so not gonna happen.
Ecard text: mother, there is so much i want to tell you. like - if you don't stop putting my future inheritance into slot machines I think I'm going to have a major heart attack.
Ecard text: mother, my frickin' psychiatrist wants to send you a commission
Ecard text: mother, i told you to stay in the basement