Political Ecards

These ecards are belong to our Topical Ecard category of Wrongcards, and aim to truly capture the political zeitgeist of our times.

Some of these are bound to annoy someone, but - and this is the crucial point here, when you think about it - they will only annoy people with incorrect political opinions.

So nothing to worry about really.

Ecard text: I am sorry that you think it is impolite to talk about politics, especially while the country is going to Hell in a Handbasket due to the widespread political ignorance that has arisen from so many people thinking that is impolite to talk about politics.
Ecard text: I'm sure we will be friends, no matter who you vote for, even if your candidate wins the election and destroys the global economy.
Ecard text: I'm going to vote for one of the sock puppets on the television because the shouty man on the television said I should. The shouty man hates a lot of people. I'm glad he's my friend.
Ecard text: Yay! You get to vote! Pick from Candidates A or B. CANDIDATE A is really rich, and he'll work tirelessly to improve the lives of a few hundred people who own banks and international corporations.
Ecard text: be careful! your capacity for critical thought might draw attention and suspicion. remember to wear a vague smile at all times. and don't forget - we all love the president.