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Our box of Wrong Postcards contains 20 sweetly honest, unique and utterly irresponsible postcards. Owning a box of our postcards is guaranteed not to improve your social standing.

However, for a limited time each box comes with a complimentary duck*.

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Included cards

Ecard text: Now that we have done everything else, the next thing I would like for us to try is foreplay.
Ecard text: I want to make sweet love to you like an anteater.
Ecard text: Thank you for coming into work sick and giving us all Avian/Swine Flu while bravely showing us all what a trooper you are.
Ecard text: This year you have not been mauled to death by pissed off Grizzly Bears. Clearly whatever you are doing to keep Grizzly Bears at Bay is working.
Ecard text: Sometimes I see thing in the corner of my eye that I don't feel all that comfortable talking about yet.
Ecard text: I cannot attend that thing you are organizing due to my tendency to say true and reasonable things that make some people panic.
Ecard text: Genghis Khan killed his own brother when he was thirteen.  And he went on to greatness.  This is not a threat, just an observation based on a factual instance from history.
Ecard text: I have been looking into it and apparently being evil pays pretty well and is probably more rewarding than what I'm doing now.
Ecard text: difficult for a purpose
Ecard text: I am sorry I have not been more supportive of you lately. I have just been very busy being interesting.
Ecard text: I am sorry I often preface meaningless and insincere apologies with the words 'I'm sorry'.
Ecard text: Your friendship is valuable to me. And that is why I'll need try to steal your kidneys.
Ecard text: I am sorry your child is crap at drawing. SEE? the perspective is all off ...
Ecard text: Librarians pretend to freak out when you cut interesting pages out of their books but secretly they are happy that you love books.
Ecard text: People would not suffer from depression if they knew how to steal helicopters.
Ecard text: I am trying to decide if you are with me or against me.
Ecard text: i'm sorry you got angry at me because it was your period.
Ecard text: custard is also a lubricant
Ecard text: i like you even more than toast
Ecard text: the more stoned i get, the more awesome ducks become


Ducks are not available in all areas. Certain restrictions may apply. The duck promotional offer may have been retracted by the time you read this. The duck promotional offer has now expired. All ducks have now been set free by a government task force comprised of park rangers, wildlife experts, animal safety inspectors and Szechuan chefs.

We look forward to your letters.