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September 5, 2013 · Kris St.Gabriel
WTF Ecard with text: The fact that elephants are expected never to forget anything can make impending anniversaries for male elephants profoundly stressful, and been shown to lead to anxiety, depression and drug use. This elephant (pictured) is addicted to tranquilizers.
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about this card:
elephants | Anniversaries are great. If you can keep someone from working out who you truly are for an entire year then you deserve a bit of a romantic celebration. Sadly it is becoming increasingly customary these days to spend your anniversary with your partner and not with prostitutes, but traditional values will come back into vogue, don't worry. Another war will see to that.

little excuse

July 22, 2011 · Kris St.Gabriel
Excuses Ecard with text: I'm sorry I cannot hang out with you. Yesterday I saw a garden gnome.
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about this card:
little excuse | I know I seem rather well-adjusted, but sometimes I feel a little unsteady.

probably really like you

September 28, 2010 · Kris St.Gabriel
Flirting Ecard with text: I probably really like you quite a lot. Or not - it depends of course on how you feel about me, which is a matter I cannot seem to accurately determine, which is why this card offers only the vaguest approximation of sentiment. This is a picture of an eel
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about this card:
probably really like you | The thing about eels is that they really are impossible to feel neutral about. You might think you like them a lot, say, when you're eating them in a Japanese restaurant. But face to face with them in an ocean, you will have one just thought: that thing is so ugly it is practically anathema.