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i would chop off an arm

On re-hash Wednesday we nostalgically re-visit a card from days of yore. This was published on April 13, 2008, back when Wrongcards was a weekend project that I ran to stress-test the patience of Harvard's Department of Human Resources. BTW I told them that, there being only 20 million Australians, I was therefore a minority. 'You can't fire minorities', I said. Logic is my superpower.
Ecard text: i would chop off an arm for you. maybe not my arm, but someone's...

to bury the hatchet

Ecard text: I'm sorry I dramatically misinterpreted your suggestion that we bury the hatchet.

zombies and axes

Ecard text: never kill zombies with an axe! zombie gore is slippery AND a health hazard. remember - if cornered without a firearm, use a blunt implement like this cricket bat. let's all be prepared.

a birthday remembered

Ecard text: Happy Birthday, and a half finished to-do list including - remember birthday, buy milk, token gesture ecard, sharpen axe, practice looking innocent.