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spring tidings

April 22, 2016 · Kris St.Gabriel
Passover Ecard with text: Passover is the only part of the year in which you are allowed to throw buckets of lamb's blood at people's front doors without them accusing you of being a sociopath.
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about this card:
spring tidings | Now, I may not know anything about the world's religions but I don't like to think that it should prevent me from forming deeply held convictions on the topic. My Nanna taught me from the earliest age that only a few of us will be saved from the earth by lizard-people in flying saucers, so your guess is as good as mine. So Happy Passover (and Happy Dragon-Egg Festival, Nanna)!


August 7, 2011 · Kris St.Gabriel
Baby Ecard with text: 'I'm not saying you have a parasite growing inside of you. I'm saying you're growing a parasite in you that will emerge in a gross spectacle of blood and gore to make demands on your tim efor something like twenty years or more.'
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about this card:
parasites | You know how it is when you get bored and want to mess with the minds of certain friends or family-members who are 'with child'? Well, I have a strategy for that - a little something I like to call, 'saying things that are true'.

sorry you got angry

February 10, 2009 · Kris St.Gabriel
Apology Ecard with text: i'm sorry you got angry at me because it was your period.
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about this card:
sorry you got angry | 'This card is mostly for the Gentlemen followers of Wrongcards. Note: Wrongcards will not be held accountable for any injury sustained from sending this card.'