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when they came for the clowns

December 9, 2017
CheerUp Ecard with text: When they came for the clowns, I did not speak out - because I felt pretty good about it really. And in conclusion I would like to add WOOHOO! (Picture of a clown being dragged away).

about this card:
when they came for the clowns | My feelings about clowns are finally entering the mainstream; Stephen King just put out a documentary called 'IT', which has been very well received, and my Monday evening 'Clown Awareness' circle has grown to more than seven members (if counting my own dissociated personalities is permitted). So I feel good. And you could feel good too, because you know what else? I'M BACK.

everything is fantastic

December 23, 2014
Christmas Ecard with text: everything in the world is fantastic. i love the government. merry Christmas

about this card:
everything is fantastic | Let's all imagine, for the sake of the argument, that it's Christmas eve. What's a good Christmas movie? I mean, apart from Diehard? (This description has nothing to do with the card. Rules are for squares, baby).

Ban Wrongcards

Ban Wrongcards Free speech. Many organizations love free speech because it allows them to be publicly, audaciously ridiculous. Of course, the same organizations don’t really believe that free speech is something others should have. And if you walk around being honest enough, sooner or later the propaganda wing of these organizations will come gunning for you. It is a fair measure of success, however, when your find your work getting banned by organizations like these....