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school girl

May 12, 2012 · Kris St.Gabriel
Romance Ecard with text: I think that if you really cared about me I would have come home to find you dressed as a Japanese school girl at least half a dozen times by now.
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about this card:
school girl | Look - I'm not saying I don't have issues but when I showed today's card to the guy who delivers my mail he embraced me, burst into tears and declared himself 'expressed'. I showed it to the guy in Starbucks and he grasped my hand firmly, called me brother and announced my lattes would be free forever or his life would be forfeit. It's not all that bad being a spiritual leader some days.

progress report

July 7, 2011 · Kris St.Gabriel
Flirting Ecard with text: Progress report: I now have THREE sexual fantasies of you that don't involve smurfs.
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about this card:
progress report | So, what did you do today? I drew a smurf. What?! Yeah - a smurf. Damn, man. Yeah I know - keep me in your prayers.