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false positive

June 26, 2013 · Kris St.Gabriel
Apology Ecard with text: sorry you were a false positive on my gaydar
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about this card:
false positive | 'I may not believe in marriage but I believe that everybody, regardless of sexual orientation, is entitled to make mistakes like that. Even though I am a heterosexual boy I would consider marrying a gay person, or even a group of gay persons, if they are all female and good at cooking: why not? It's sad that people aren't always as mature as I am.'

greco roman wrestling

July 26, 2012 · Kris St.Gabriel
Olympics Ecard with text: The sport we know as Greco-Roman Wrestling actually originated in certain notorious men's restrooms where one party simply wanted to use the bathroom.
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about this card:
greco roman wrestling | You probably haven't heard but the Olympic Games start tomorrow. The Games can be a bewildering time for all of us; people you thought you knew well suddenly reveal they are experts on the topic of discus throwing, though you've never heard them mention discus before in their lives. And, all at once, water polo matters to people. Weird, right? Don't worry. I'll explain everything...