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gnomes and fear

July 12, 2013 · Kris St.Gabriel
WTF Ecard with text: It is better that garden gnomes are not real, for I should have no choice but to spend all my years teaching them to meaning of fear.
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about this card:
gnomes and fear | Increasingly I allow myself to be persuaded that garden gnomes are probably not real - because somehow it seems to matter to the people around me - but the fact is their existence still doesn't make a lot of sense. Why would somebody intentionally make garden gnomes? And why isn't the government doing anything to stop them? And when did we all decide not to ask these questions?!

gnomes live

January 29, 2013 · Kris St.Gabriel
WTF Ecard with text: If garden gnomes are not secretly alive, how do you explain the little bastards moving around when we're not looking?
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about this card:
gnomes live | Even though I've played every Grand Theft Auto game to death, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts still refuses to issue me with a driver's license. And while I will concede that I don't know how to drive a car, why are they singling ME out?! Whatever. I'm over it. If you ever ride public transport in Boston and hear an Australian guy talking about garden gnomes, come over and say hi...

little excuse

July 22, 2011 · Kris St.Gabriel
Excuses Ecard with text: I'm sorry I cannot hang out with you. Yesterday I saw a garden gnome.
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about this card:
little excuse | I know I seem rather well-adjusted, but sometimes I feel a little unsteady.