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internet productivity

Ecard text: I'm sorry that I find it easier to spend time at Lifehacker than to actually be productive.

internet memes

Ecard text: I am sorry that total strangers on the internet do not envy or appreciate your knowledge of internet memes and Tarantino movies.

internet ranting

Ecard text: I am glad that when things go wrong we can always RANT ON THE INTERNET and then feel much better about everything.

dating lonely agents

Ecard text: No matter how lonely you get you should never hang around teenage chat rooms trying to pick up lonely FBI agents.


On Wednesdays I like to repost an older card here and then I spend the rest of my day volunteering with organizations that promote Suffrage for Goats. I guess that might surprise many of you because people usually assume I'm too frivolous to be politically engaged. Anyhoo - I hope you're all having a lovely day.
Ecard text: Stop wasting time on the internet.

celebrating uniqueness

Ecard text: happy valentines day. lets celebrate the uniqueness of our romance with some random ecard i found on the internet.