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birthday obligations

Is it your Birthday today? Then I created a perfect card just for you. A-ha! I don't know anyone having a birthday. It was a lie. I lie like a rug! And I'm adrift in a sea of fabrication and dishonesty. But then again: if it isn't your Birthday then you have to admit, you kinda failed me personally as well. I'm going to forgive you, though, because it's what Dr. Phil would want me to do. Dr. Phil has a nice moustache.
Ecard text: Happy Birthday etc. Please note that with the receipt of this ecard all of my obligations in the matter are now met.

will this do?

This month, Librans have their birthdays - or Libras or whatever. You know, every now and then I write to astronomy departments at major universities and ask them if they have any professorial positions open for Librans, because 'they would obviously know that Librans have a natural advantage when it comes to comprehending the movements of Celestial Bodies. No idea idea why I do this. I'm a Leo.
Ecard text: It's your birthday. Yay! Will this do?


Ecard text: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, baby. And I mean it. Most ineffectual valentines day ecard ever.

adequate christmas

Ecard text: I badly wanted to buy you a Christmas present this year but what with this whole economic meltdown and everything... So here is a drawing I did for you of a deer instead. Actually I might have traced it.

here is your card

Ecard text: here is your card - happy birthday etc