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improbable muppets movie

Miss Piggy terrified Kermit and was physically abusive and I alone noticed! Six year old me was FREAKED that everyone forgave her. She's the Charlie Sheen of Muppet World. The only reason today's wrongcard exists is because I have always wanted her head on a stick. I have now formally addressed this topic. Moving on...
Ecard text: Cheer up. It's not as if it is your 'Muppet Movie Meets Lord of the Flies' screenplay that is out there receiving only lukewarm interest from all the major Hollywood studios.

suspecting swine flu

"Oh I heard you have swine flu." "No, I did have a headache but -" "Yeah, sounds like Swine Flu. Stay away from me, man." "It's not --" "Hey back off! I don't need to die right now."
Ecard text: I suspect you have caught the Swine Flu and it's your fault because I warned you to wear a condom and you didn't listen.

traitors and pigs

Ecard text: im sorry i use the phrase knee deep in the blood of traitors and pigs a bit more often than would be considered socially acceptable