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December 8, 2013 · Kris St.Gabriel
In Laws Ecard with text: I'm sorry I don't want your family to visit but if I wanted to be disrespected under my own roof I would just hire a dominatrix.
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about this card:
disrespected | The holidays are almost upon us. And you know who, apart from Santa and serial killers, are going around visiting people? In-laws. In-laws are a practical joke that fate likes to play on married people, which is why I decided to create a new category of cards about them. If you're expecting the Unspeakables this year, this first in-law card is for you. Happy holidays you crazy cats...

moderate quality

January 27, 2012 · Kris St.Gabriel
CheerUp Ecard with text: I like you more than I'd like two prostitutes of moderate quality.
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about this card:
moderate quality | A lot of men find it difficult to express themselves emotionally, but that's only because a lot of men these days don't drink a lot of whiskey. Men, it's easy to speak your mind; all you have to do is make sure nobody is home, lock the doors and whisper. I can't believe we have a reputation for being unable to communicate.