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April 27, 2012 · Kris St.Gabriel
Baby Ecard with text: If you don't like your first-born, it's useful keeping him or her around because it can be useful in supernatural transactions.
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about this card:
transactions | Congratulating people whenever they contribute to the human over-population problem is an important, profitable niche in the greeting card market. I may suck at inventing business concepts (cards that you shouldn't send to anyone?) but I'm going all out to meet my professional obligations today.

ghost monkeys

November 9, 2009 · Kris St.Gabriel
WTF Ecard with text: People who dont believe in phosphorescent ghost monkeys have a much harder time dealing with encounters with them.
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about this card:
ghost monkeys | On Wednesdays I traditionally post an older card and then spend the rest of the day praising Rupert Murdoch's allegedly corrupt publishing empire. That they may or may not have bugged my phone and recorded me drunkenly singing Jewel songs at 2am has only made me more supportive of them.