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good about being wrong

January 18, 2011 · Kris St.Gabriel
Apology Ecard with text: I apologize for the fact that I wasn't put on earth to help people feel good about being wrong.
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about this card:
good about being wrong | Whenever I apologize for something I focus on getting the details right. If you get the details wrong then it might sound insincere or as though you are thinking about something else. Sometimes I can't remember the details so I like to keep apologies very general and vague. Today's card, for example.

tired sorry

July 31, 2010 · Kris St.Gabriel
Apology Ecard with text: I am sorry I got tired and forgot to pretend you are not deeply wrong about so many things.
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about this card:
tired sorry | Sometimes we have to apologize. Sometimes, even when any impartial, highly-educated expert would firmly agree that you are right and the other person is sadly bereft of facts and utterly adrift in a sea of confusion, we have to apologize. This card is for those moments.