Ban Wrongcards

Free speech. Many organizations love free speech because it allows them to be publicly, audaciously ridiculous.

Of course, the same organizations don’t really believe that free speech is something others should have. And if you walk around being honest enough, sooner or later the propaganda wing of these organizations will come gunning for you.

It is a fair measure of success, however, when your find your work getting banned by organizations like these. It’s a sign that your parents raised you right.

When an organization or a religion can crush your freedom of speech, society is in danger. You may think it doesn’t matter - that it doesn’t effect you. But what we don’t know is what the next century will be like.

I don’t want for us to be unable to publish a scientific paper because it disagrees with an overriding dogma claiming that the world was assembled in seven days. Or that it might confirm global warming. I don’t want our web hosts shutting us down when we post discussion about the putting-down of dissent in Tibet on our blogs. You know, a popular political site was shut down for publishing a photograph of flag-draped coffins. The retention of Free Speech is a scrabble up long, never-ending slippery slope. What’s the phrase: constant vigilance?

If you don’t mind, post links to us in forums and on your blogs. Sooner or later someone will try and ban us, it’ll be awesome. My Nanna will be so proud!

And hopefully I’ll make a nice spike of ad revenue while I frantically move the site to the same webhosts Pirate Bay use, or something, but I don’t look at it from the perspective of making gobs of money. God, who needs that?

When really it’s only about the fame and the glory.