Ecards that are wrong for every occasion.

The cards are free to send. Unfortunately, they are unhelpful at best.

CheerUp Ecard with text: Your friendship is valuable to me. And that is why I'll need try to steal your kidneys.

This is the first Wrongcard I created, back in March 2008. I think some part of me was hoping it would annoy both staunch capitalists AND devout communists. But sadly, most of the complaints I receive concern the Easter card collection. Which goes to show how people who enjoy being offended by things can be a little unpredictable.

Category: Birthday
Birthday Ecard with text: comrade lenin wishes you happy birthday

I think I made this card for the Covid outbreak, as a way of encouraging people to use hand sanitizer. Yes, technically I first published this card in May, 2010, but I've always been ahead of the curve.

Category: Workplace
Workplace Ecard with text: I am not admitting anything here - I am simply saying that you should probably use hand sanitizer after using the photocopier.

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