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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. One should never joke about mental health, unless that joke is funny.

Should we make mental health jokes? Should we make dark humor, jokes about depression?

Probably not. Let’s do it anyway. I merely wondered because I have made these ecards for people with obsessive compulsive disorder, you see and — well obviously the last thing anyone should do is laugh at one’s own mental health issues. It’s much healthier to have no sense of humor at all. Actually, I was thinking about this the other day when a switch flipped on in my head - fourteen times, off and on, just to be sure - and there it was: why hadn’t I created funny ocd cards yet? Of course, at first I wasn’t sure this was a good idea. Why risk offending a group of people who are really well organized? Still, at least when I receive complaints, they’d have no spelling errors.

Finally it struck me: people with OCD aren’t gonna mess with me. They don’t cause messes at all. Though they might come over and tidy up a bit, in a sort of passive aggressive way. But as logn as my dishes are done, who am I to object?

Note: there are seven spelling errors in the above paragraph. Can you find them all?

OCD Ecard with text: Black Mold. It often lives undetected in houses. According to a 1999 study at the Mayo Clinc, Black MOld is the cause of nearly all chronic sinus infection. It can cause headaches, depression, hair loss, nosebleeds, and death. So faor the love of God, clean the damned house before you kill us all!
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about this card: black mold | I'm not the tidiest person but that doesn't mean my friends shouldn't be. Sometimes I'll go over to a mate's place and think: how nice that you feel comfortable enough not to clean up before I arrive. So I tell them what Black Mold is. Ten minutes later they'll be disinfecting the linoleum under the fridge while I watch on, eating all the biscuits. You see, I have always liked biscuits.
OCD Ecard with text: No text, just a field of black boxes and one that is irritatingly tilted.
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about this card: black box | Obsessive compulsive disorder is a silent killer - mostly of bacteria and household germs. Not that I would make light of a disorder that my ideal house-cleaner would have, but it is OCD Awareness Week, you know. I think. Maybe it's in January. Look, they won't mind. I created a new category of cards for OCD week anyway. Just in case it's, like, now.
OCD Ecard with text: If people flush the toilet without closing the lid then aerated particles of fecal matter churn into the air and settle on your towel, in your lungs, your toothbrush and every surface in the room. Welcome to the harsh reality of obsessive compulsive disor
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about this card: mysophobic | 'Every Wednesday I post an older card, then I watch TV so corporations can tell me which foods to eat through the next year, and where to buy their diabetes meds the year after that, and which politician they think is most cooperative. Also: did you know how much bacteria is in your bathroom? If you're not worried then the germs have already won.'