All Wrongcards

If you feel that most of the freaking greeting cards in the world are nothing more than crass, mass-produced tokens of insincere sentiment, then you would be right, and so: welcome to Wrongcards. If you don’t think Hallmark cards are kind of creepy - you are probably in the wrong place and should probably leave this place and never come back. Now.

Our ecards are free to send, and they will always be free to send. Wrongcards is not intended for mass-appeal, nor is it intended for the mainstream. If you are still reading this, if you have gotten this far, you are probably not a mainstream person yourself, which is good because Wrongcards will probably work for you.

No one will be able to buy t-shirts here with clever phrases on them. No one will be able to attempt to fill up that inner emptiness by buying a hat with a Wrongcards logo. We run ads to pay for our hosting but if we wanted riches, we’d have ecards here with pictures of dogs playing poker, or kittens covered in spaghetti. But then we’d be crying ourselves to sleep each night.

So welcome to the sprawling glory that is Wrongcards; ecards that are very, very wrong.