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Dark Humor

Because sometimes it's good to mix it up.

I know it might surprise many to find signs of dark humor at Wrongcards. Normally, when we want tasteless material, we go to Hallmark; they have all sorts of deranged filth over there.

Still, with Wrongcards being such a serious website overall, I thought – why not throw a few dark jokes into the mix? You know, ‘black comedy’ reminds me of the time I went drinking with Bill Cosby. Wait, I had a joke for this. God-damn it, I’ve forgotten it. Much like I’ve forgotten the entire afternoon I went drinking with Bill Cosby. I seem to remember we were talking about black humour, then everything gets a bit dark. I’m going to be honest with you – my point here eludes me. Something about making dark jokes. Well, if you’re into that sort of thing, here’s some ecards for you.

One last thing, this category includes celebrity ecards, political ecards and the general mish-mash of things you’ll read about in the news. There’s an OCD, for anyone who is sufficently obsessive-compulsive to have read this far.

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