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Passover Greetings. I can assure you these ecards are thoroughly well-researched, and I was only slightly inebriated at the time.

Passover is a holiday within the Jewish church that celebrates fertility. Scholars say that early Passover ceremonies originated in pagan England and Wales where it symbolized the ‘being passed over’ by the devil, a common metaphor for venereal disease in those times. Early Passover ceremonies often involved a costume with reindeer horns and bells. Templar Knights brought Judaism to Jerusalem during the crusades where it is now celebrated with the consumption of grain alcohol and delicious, spicy cakes baked in the shape of small pigeons.

Apologies if there are any inaccuracies in this category description. I was in the garden picking mushrooms an hour ago, and my dog just told me I picked the wrong ones. I’m not sure if I should listen to him, however. First, he doesn’t know as much about mycology as he thinks, and second, I don’t even own a dog, and even if I did, I wouldn’t get one who yodels in French.

Passover Ecard with text: Passover is the only part of the year in which you are allowed to throw buckets of lamb's blood at people's front doors without them accusing you of being a sociopath.
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about this card: spring tidings | Now, I may not know anything about the world's religions but I don't like to think that it should prevent me from forming deeply held convictions on the topic. My Nanna taught me from the earliest age that only a few of us will be saved from the earth by lizard-people in flying saucers, so your guess is as good as mine. So Happy Passover (and Happy Dragon-Egg Festival, Nanna)!
Passover Ecard with text: Happy Passover. Though I'm sorry your people didn't stick around to help finish the pyramids because they turned out pretty nice in the end.
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about this card: pyramid incident | On Wednesdays I prefer to post an older, more obscure card and then get to work on my bible. I'm writing a new bible, see, but with Cylons, because I like Cylons and was disappointed when there weren't any in the original. I haven't read the Jewish bible but I've seen the movie and liked it, despite them setting the narrative in an historic setting.
Passover Ecard with text: i hope that Jesus doesn't show up and ruin your passover...
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about this card: hoping it goes okay | It's re-hash Wednesday and .. I'm not sure what the Passover is, except that it might be how my Jewish friends celebrate Easter. Moses probably played a part, though, or the Apostles (if Moses wasn't an Apostle). Never said I was good at religion but you can't expect a man to be good at everything.