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Reminders | PAGE 2

Reminders. You can use these cards to remind people of things. I guess.

Reminders Ecard with text: Everybody knows that without me you probably would have been eaten by leopards by now.
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about this card: everybody knows | It's a terrible thing to be unappreciated. When you are the very glue that holds everyone around you together, you can't expect a thanks, praise or ice-cream. But sometimes it might help to remind your friends and family how integral you are to the structural integrity of their lives.
Reminders Ecard with text: Friends don't let friends use the word bromance. In fact, friends 'stab' friends who use the word 'bromance'.
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Reminders Ecard with text: a quick reminder - one day we all have to die! Hold it in your mind for a moment. Now back to the fun!
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Reminders Ecard with text: remember i'm way crazier than you so maybe you should just humor me
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