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Ecards About Celebrities. Because I guess famous people need more attention.

These cards are thematically concerned with profesional narcissists. There aren’t many wrongcards about celebrities, though, because — why are we paying any attention to these people, anyway? Though I will say, the Stephen Hawking ecard is pretty good.

Celebrity Ecard with text: This is not how Stephen Hawking rolls.
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about this card: stephen hawking | I forgot I'd created a 'celebrity' category so I thought I'd do a card for it. This one is about Stephen Hawking. I like him allot but disagree with him about black holes; though I suppose my 'bird droppings on the lenses of telescopes' idea is still only a theorem too. As you know, the jury is still out on science but I am making scientific friends just in case they turn out to be right.
Celebrity Ecard with text: Nonsense letters with the byline that is from the collected writings of Ray Charles.
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about this card: ray | I'm one of the unlucky few who didn't receive any religious instruction as a kid, so I can't speak with any conviction about who goes to hell and who doesn't. So I just assume that hell is filled with people pointing at each other and saying they are going to hell. If I've learned anything from refusing to believe anything people say it is probably this: that heaven is for the heterodox.
Celebrity Ecard with text: Your problems are negligible, think of Charlie Sheen. If someone gave YOU a choice between nothing and two million dollars to make a show like Two and a Half Men, you'd be a complete emotional wreck as well.
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about this card: charlie sheen | The media is blitzing us with reports of uprisings in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, but have so far ignored the tribulations of actor Charlie Sheen. He's out of work and in six months will run out of cocaine. He doesn't need our pity, he needs drugs and hookers, so take on some extra shifts and donate generously. Thank you.
Celebrity Ecard with text: michael jackson 1958-2009 he was anti-semitic but at least he loved children.
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Celebrity Ecard with text: If heath ledger taught us anything, it is that we need to stop buying drugs from mary-kate olsen.
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