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WTF Ecard with text: I don't smoke broken pencils anymore and i don't... i'm sorry, i've forgotten what i was going to say

broken pencils

The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Family Ecard with text: One way to ensure that your children will do all their chores and homework is to carefully monopolize the household's supply of cigarettes.
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Thinking of You Ecard with text: I like to think that people would appreciate us much more if they smoked cigarettes made from pencil shavings.
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Thinking of You Ecard with text: The Tobacco Industry makes billions of dollars per year trafficking in addiction, sickness, premature death, and it would be immoral for me to give them any money. And so in a way it is my social conscience that forces me to bum them from you.
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Zombie Ecard with text: When the zombies attack, many of your closest friends and relatives are going to die in a ferocious storm of mindless violence and blood.
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Anniversaries Ecard with text: happy anniversary. And if today turns out not to be our anniversary, then maybe this can make up for some other time I forgot.
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