Cards for Anniversaries

Albeit not terribly useful ones.

Did you ever happen to watch John Carpenter’s 1988 horror classic, THEY LIVE? it was interesting. You see, Roddy Piper’s character, John Nada, comes to LA to get a job, and somehow finds some sunglasses that lets him see the world in a completely different way. With the sunglasses on, he sees a world dominated by a wealthy clique that is controlled by aliens. It’s a good movie, and yes, I’m making an analogy here. Wrongcards are the sunglasses and Hallmark are the aliens.

In fact, if you browse our free anniversary cards for long enough, they will change you. Not greatly, and perhaps not outwardly, or even noticably, but one day … one day you’ll realize you can’t go back to Hallmark. You can’t go browsing those kitsch, cutesy, tawdry excuses of fake sentiment anymore. You need something else. Something altogether … different.

Look, I know you’re here looking for anniversary cards, but you know what’s better? Making popcorn and settling on the couch to watch THEY LIVE, a film which the great cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek described as ‘one of the forgotten masterpieces’. In closing, I’d like to say, enjoy the movie and good luck with your relationship.