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Baby Ecard with text: Congratulations. I hope your baby is born a boy or girl.
about this card: gender tact | I never know the right thing to say but I’ve never let that stop me. When it comes to babies it’s like quantum principles are involved. It’s all projection, probability, wave-forms and misbehaving mathematics. You can send this card to any expecting parent and know you’ve covered all bases. If they get weird and serious about it blame it all on hormones.
The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Apology Ecard with text: sorry you were a false positive on my gaydar
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Baby Ecard with text: Congratulations on your new baby. I'm sorry it's probably not the gender you wanted but you can always love it slightly less. Don't worry I won't tell anyone.
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Flirting Ecard with text: i wasn't this confused before I met you.
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