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WTF Ecard with text: Where is my fricking android butler you useless scientists? (not even going to mention jet packs)

fricking android

The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Celebrity Ecard with text: This is not how Stephen Hawking rolls.
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Olympics Ecard with text: Never forget the real unsung heroes of the Olympic Games ... the scientists working tirelessly behind the scenes to create completely undetectable steroids.
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Dark Humor Ecard with text: live in the moment. because, based on what we have already learned from technology, none of us can say with complete confidence that we won't be raped by our android butlers whenever we forget to download their latest service packs..
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WTF Ecard with text: My scientific experiments on dead mice have brought me tantalizingly close to conquering death !   ... Wait a sec ... Nope, false alarm. Still no progress, sorry.
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