Free ecards that are wrong for every occasion.
Birthday Ecard with text: i know that you hate birthdays, but it's not like you have many left. and a smiley face in the picture.

hate birthdays

The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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somewhat related wrongcards

Love Ecard with text: If we start dating then I would no longer need to pay for sex except on special occasions. So it would be win-win for both of us.
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Workplace Ecard with text: They're not paying me enough money to NOT answer emails honestly.
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Father's Day Ecard with text: I would have forked out real money for a real Fathers Day card, but it turns out that God is my real father.
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Valentines Ecard with text: And personally I have no problem with it being an 'exchanging consumer goods for sex kind of holiday.
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