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Birthday Ecard with text: It's your birthday. Yay! Will this do?

will this do?

about this card: will this do? | This month, Librans have their birthdays - or Libras or whatever. You know, every now and then I write to astronomy departments at major universities and ask them if they have any professorial positions open for Librans, because ’they would obviously know that Librans have a natural advantage when it comes to comprehending the movements of Celestial Bodies. No idea idea why I do this. I’m a Leo.
The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Birthday Ecard with text: Happy Birthday etc. Please note that with the receipt of this ecard all of my obligations in the matter are now met.
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Valentines Ecard with text: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, baby. And I mean it. Most ineffectual valentines day ecard ever.
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Christmas Ecard with text: I badly wanted to buy you a Christmas present this year but what with this whole economic meltdown and everything... So here is a drawing I did for you of a deer instead. Actually I might have traced it.
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Birthday Ecard with text: 'PLEASE NOTE: this ecard barely meets the minimum recommended allowance for sentiment in a birthday card.'
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Birthday Ecard with text: here is your card - happy birthday etc
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