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Dark Humor | PAGE 4

Dark Humor. Because sometimes it's good to mix it up.

Dark Humor Ecard with text: prepare your children for their real economic future. teach them how to pick pockets.
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Celebrity Ecard with text: If heath ledger taught us anything, it is that we need to stop buying drugs from mary-kate olsen.
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Dark Humor Ecard with text: remember - advanced literacy can lead to feelings of despair and alienation. be careful to conceal this. instead, try to obey impulses originating from televisions.
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Dark Humor Ecard with text: if ever asked, you believe the government only listens in on us for our own benefit. try and appear interested only in fashion and cosmetics. remember, always act as if nothing is wrong.
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Dark Humor Ecard with text: my investigations have concluded that barbie doesn't work for al qaeda
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about this card: investigations confirmed | On Wednesdays I post a link to an older card and then spend the rest of my day working as a volunteer on a street corner, raising awareness about how annoying people can be when they stand on the street corners raising awareness about things. Happy Wednesday!
Dark Humor Ecard with text: nobody likes the political well informed. try and fit in by talking about paris hilton and nicole richie. you are not allowed to be remarkable.
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Political Satire Ecard with text: Be careful! your capacity for critical thought might draw attention and suspicion. remember to wear a vague smile at all times. and don't forget - we all love the president.
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about this card: vague smile | Hmmm.