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WTF Ecard with text: Nietzsche was wrong: if you gaze long enough into the the abyss, Barney the Dinosaur gazes back into you, which is of course much, much worse.

gaze into the abyss

The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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somewhat related wrongcards

CheerUp Ecard with text: You should just feel grateful that I cannot always control the universe with my mind. (Picture of a Pterodactyl about to attack an innocent-looking man.)
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Inspirational Ecard with text: You have no reason to be unhappy. Here are half a dozen better reasons to be unhappy.
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Valentines Ecard with text: Happy Valentines Day, etc. I honestly bought you chocolate but can no longer find it and am now operating under the theory that it was eaten by raptors.
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Easter Greetings Ecard with text: Sorry I'm not in the mood for Easter this year. Here is a drawing of a Basilosaurus instead.
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