Ecard text: Nietzsche was wrong: if you gaze long enough into the the abyss, Barney the Dinosaur gazes back into you, which is of course much, much worse.
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Random Cards
Ecard text: I am sorry I got tired and forgot to pretend you are not deeply wrong about so many things.
Ecard text: Look, I don't judge you about YOUR taste in sex toys.
Ecard text: Congratulations but we both know that youre not really successful in life until Ronald McDonald puts out a restraining order against you. Until then, you are just dicking around.
Ecard text: I am sorry I have not been more supportive of you lately. I have just been very busy being interesting.

"The plan was simple — steal the world's most famous skull, and tell no more than 37 close personal friends and co-workers."

— The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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"I enjoyed this the second entry in the "Blue Bandicoot" series even more than the first; in particular the second half here is fantastic."
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