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Inspirational Quotes and Messages

And some aren't even worrisome or antisocial.

A wise person once said to me, “Dude, don’t make a funny website filled with ecards nobody would send to anyone. It’s a dumb idea, you’re wasting your life and your potential.” And I was like, no way, man. I want to change the world. I want to give people short quotes, things to inspire and motivate them to do better in the world.

“But where is the sense in it?” he persisted.

“It’s about sending a positive message. My intrinic motivation is to make society better and – hey, did we finish the bottle already?”

Well, that was back in 2008. Today – you know where that guy is now? Buying his third yacht. But Wrongcards? It’s probably inspired dozens of people with its subtle motivational subtext. Dozens! And I feel good about that. Anyway, sorry I have to cut this short. Soup kitchen closes in half-an hour.

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