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These ecards, whose sole purpose is to elevate the moral plane of Wrongcards, are filled with inspiring quotes and thoughts that will, if received and contemplated for a sufficient amount of time, inspire many of you to become better people. Some of you will not be effected, however, because there was never any hope for you in the first place because you never have been, nor never will be, very good at self-improvement and let’s face it, you’ve always secretly known it. So while some of these inspirational cards are a complete waste of time for the stridently hopeless, many of you will become better people from looking at these cards.

Ecard text: ALways be optimistic. But don't be as optimistic as a dog. A dog will eat its own vomit with the expectation that it will just work out better the second time around. You know what? Don't be optimistic. It doesn't work.
Ecard text: You would be much happier if you focused on more positive things. With a picture of a dead clown.
Ecard text: You have no reason to be unhappy. Here are half a dozen better reasons to be unhappy.
Ecard text: Life is a Role Playing Game in which the Dungeon Master has decided not to explain the rules, so don't worry; it's completely appropriate to panic.
Ecard text: I think it's cute the way some people believe they have planned for every eventuality.
Ecard text: Everyone should have a dream. This is mine. With a picture of a hang gliding walrus.
Ecard text: i have found that VIOLENCE Is a highly effective technique for anger management
Ecard text: This year you have not been mauled to death by pissed off Grizzly Bears. Clearly whatever you are doing to keep Grizzly Bears at Bay is working.
Ecard text: The secret to having a successful career is to be in the right place at the right time with a camera.
Ecard text: To be successful, one should always adopt the habits of highly successful people. And I don't think there is a single successful person alive who does chores.