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WTF Ecard with text: This lizard ate all my weed, turned blue and started talking about Jesus. Best night of my life. Ever.

lizard ate my weed

The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Mother's Day Ecard with text: Don't worry Mother. When I'm high I love you at least twenty-five percent more than usual. It just accentuates everything!
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Workplace Ecard with text: I am sorry about how I acted at work but in my defense I was pretty stoned most of the day. i did take the time to do some pretty wicked origami though.
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Dark Humor Ecard with text: We can argue all day whether or not God gets high, but I think the evidence is clear.
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Excuses Ecard with text: I can't hang out with you after all. Everything is fine. I just have to find out what's up with my weed.
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Dark Humor Ecard with text: I'm happy to smoke weed because everybody who smokes weed says that is safe.
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