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These cards are perfect for sending on Mother’s Day. If you don’t have a Mother, perhaps through indifference on her part or negligence on yours, you can easily send a card to someone who merely looks like your Mother. To that end it’s not a bad idea to have a few auxiliary Mothers on standby. Wrongcards does let you send ecards to multiple recipients. Alternatively you might consider allowing yourself to be legally adopted by a duck. But please don’t send our Mothers Day cards to farm animals because that is absurd.

Ecard text: Don't worry Mother. When I'm high I love you at least twenty-five percent more than usual. It just accentuates everything!
Ecard text: Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for turning me into a fully functional, mature adult capable of determining right from wrong. These turtles are having sex.
Ecard text: Thank you Mother for refraining from eating me when I was small, and thus making this Mothers Day card possible.
Ecard text: Happy Mothers Day. There is no greater proof of my affection for you than the fact that I never set fire to a rival sibling, no matter how funny it would have been.
Ecard text: Happy Mothers Day. Thank you for raising me to be someone around whom cats are very safe, no matter how amorous I might be feeling.
Ecard text: I think you are a way better mother than Queen Elizabeth II, who promised her son would be king and then hung around living for a million years instead. Because you didn't promise me anything.
Ecard text: Thank you for not sending me down a river in a basket made from reeds so that I might be found by a Childless Queen and raised in that strange, distant realm to be a great and terrible leader of men.
Ecard text: I'll bet Mother's Day at King Oedipus' house could get awkward.
Ecard text: Happy Mothers Day. And just think about how much better our relationship would be if you had just bought me a pony like I asked?   I guess you'll have to be content with a crap ecard.
Ecard text: I dont blame you for anything, other than my inexplicable phobia of vampire geese.