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Apology Ecard with text: I'm sorry my use of clear and unambiguous language has been a source of so many misunderstandings.


about this card: unambiguous | On Wednesdays I typically like to post an older card you might not have seen yet and then I spend the rest of the day posting pages and pages of random numbers to random postal addresses over in eastern Afghanistan and north-west Pakistan. It’ll probably drive a couple of people at the CIA completely nuts. You know, I wasn’t like this at all until the government cancelled Gilmore Girls.
The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Love Ecard with text: I can tell that I love you by the way I like to make you feel guilty about bullshit.
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Thinking of You Ecard with text: I’m not telling you why I am angry  with you because I don’t want  “communication” to rob our  relationship of its mystery.
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CheerUp Ecard with text: I like you more than I'd like two prostitutes of moderate quality.
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Apology Ecard with text: i am sorry that you only seem to want to communicate when i'm busy killing Nazis.
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Love Ecard with text: hi do you want to hold hands? wah i totally suck at romance :(
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