Free ecards that are wrong for every occasion.
Birthday Ecard with text: you don't want a paper card with pictures of puppies and balloons on your birthday. you want a wrongcard with a picture of a dead clown. happy birthday.

a paper card

about this card: a paper card | You probably all thought I was dead. Can you not be so morbid? Anyway, unrelated but if any of you are suffering a life-threatening illness, can you PLEASE not leave your body to science and leave it to me? We’re four weeks out from Halloween and I haven’t got my authentic porch ornaments sorted. If the folks next door want to make ‘Halloween decorations’ a competition, then fine. Bring it Karen.
The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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somewhat related wrongcards

CheerUp Ecard with text: When they came for the clowns, I did not speak out - because I felt pretty good about it really. And in conclusion I would like to add WOOHOO! (Picture of a clown being dragged away).
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Thinking of You Ecard with text: You are the best thing that ever happened to me except for that one time when I found half a clown under a bridge. That was a great day!
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Inspirational Ecard with text: You would be much happier if you focused on more positive things. With a picture of a dead clown.
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CheerUp Ecard with text: Cheer up. Trust me, somewhere out there, alone and afraid in the woods, a clown is suffering.
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Reminders Ecard with text: You cannot kill a clown with logic. But you can kill it with a hammer.
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