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Birthday Ecard with text: Happy Birthday. I give you permission to touch yourself while thinking about me. Paying me a modest sum for the privilege is optional but is considered traditional.
about this card: new birthday tradition | Birthday Card: This card is an attempt to inspire a new, less selfish, Birthday tradition. It is, however, a slightly NSFW sentiment.
The Harvard Skull Fiasco

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Romance Ecard with text: Ironically, Justin the Inflatable Pony doesn't give me a hard time about MY relationship with YOU...
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Romance Ecard with text: I want you to know that I would still want to be with you even if I COULD lick my own genitals.
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Missing You Ecard with text: I miss you but on the upside I at least have a lot more time to get in touch with my OWN body.
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Flirting Ecard with text: We should get together and have sex sometime. Im getting to be quite good at it, by practicing on things etc.
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Anniversary Ecard with text: Let's celebrate our anniversary by thinking of each other when we're fapping.
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